Sarah Stewart Arts | About Sarah
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Originally from New York, Sarah has been blessed to call 30A home for nearly two decades.  Sarah’s affinity for abstraction and biomorphic design began as a child creating her own watercolor ink blot paintings in her father’s studio. Her high school art studies included dark room photography, pottery, silversmithing and studio arts but she never pursued formal art training after that.  Instead, her educational path has included nursing school, earning an RN and BSN, and certification as a biology and humanities teacher while dabbling in newspaper editing, freelance writing and marketing.  Sarah very much enjoys the intersections of Art and Science which is evident in her spoken word poetry. Always pushing her creative limits, she currently has 3 main creative pursuits: fine mixed media, hand illustrated seashells known as “She Shells,”  and “Say Something,”her own line of biomorphically inspired yoga pants and positive affirmation t shirts.

Her love of teaching is also evident in her life.  She has three children who all express their creativity in different ways ranging from dance, to video editing and illustration.

Sarah hosts private art lessons  in her studio gallery every Friday known to her students as “Fun Fridays.” These are hands on classes in which students of various ages and ability levels explore a range of techniques and create their own work each week.  Her current focus is on epoxy resin, glass and metallic leaf techniques.

On the horizon is her first performance poetry collaboration in a local theater festival…

“Art is life.”


For me, art is all about being present. There is an inherent intention to put paint on canvas, or words to paper but the feeling conveyed cannot be forced. It’s a living, breathing expression that the artist merely serves as a conduit for.

Texture, light, movement and emotion are all elements reflected in her work.