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Online Dating

Online Dating
Is like inline skating
Built for speed and streamlined, it’s true
The new way to go: version 12.0
But in reality it’s a clumsy and bootlike shoe
When all you want to do is tip toe
into happiness and sunset bliss…

Happily ever after 10 when the kids are tucked in and I empty out my inbox:
There’s 19 favorites and 29 flirts from some “Mr Silver Fox”
who’s thrice my age and 2,000 miles from where I sift and sort
always wondering what the tide may bring
to this strange vending machine or sorts
where are the breaks on this thing?

I digress…

All I wanted was a simple life
watch a few sunrises and be a devoted wife
in a garden of stars with a tree swing by the sea
oh, (and a ring) washing dishes and cars,
counting on things that always return
like frost on leaves, tree frogs in June and school in September…
but he forgot to remember,
I do’s became I don’ts,
I will’s became I wont’s and always faded into never…

So, here I am fishing with an appendage of virtual reality
I think that’s a piece of my personality
hanging out there in cyberspace!

Leg on the corner of the information highway
Casually polished candor and a smiling face
Just watching the wheels go by in this strategic race…
Don’t show too much- leave them wanting more!
Write a novel and they’ll think you’re a bore,
Too many selfies and you’ll look selfish
Just put on a grin that defies the question (that goes without mention)

I’ve just about mastered that look of content while treading the sea of singleness
Miss mingle has come a long way in her mingleness
From that very first night when she joined that first site
And swore she felt the collective sum of all loneliness
Choking in her throat until she sobbed: Dear God, there are so many of us!
Staring through windows 7
Searching for a match made in heaven or on earth or eHarmony or… Jdate?

It’s getting late…

“Success stories” happen-
Still, I prefer old fashioned
Tea kettles, roller-skates and books
Four wheels side by side to balance my stride and a pair of eyes to look
Both ways while crossing the street where I could get hurt
In real time
Or perchance collide
With happily