Sarah Stewart Arts | Lodged in the Atrium
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Lodged in the Atrium

(This poem has no beauty) let’s get that out of the way

Just an expression of where I am:

A nurse who is a poet or a poet who is nursing a career

That can’t get off the ground -no call button within reach

The day I performed my poetry in the atrium of the local hospital

I had no idea that it would be the atrium where I would get stuck

Lodged with no further passage 

No fibs here

There is a clot in the hiring process for nurses and medical staff

A fiscal septicemia runs rampant through the halls and channels

Paralyzing the movement of my resume

On its way from the atrium to the MOB…

Where I want to be nursing wounds that remain unapproximated-

The thought of the opening hanging out for a year makes me feel intoxicated

by the rush of potential energy unrealized here in the dark…

I have tried and tried and applied and applied

I’ve been told that I’m candidate number one once the logjam subsides

And fluidity of funding returns

So I can travel deeper into this dark sacred heart

To be routed to a distal appendage

In wound care

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